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Growing startups with missions that matter.

Today's investors care about more than profitability; they care about social innovation. That's why we offer the highly specialized eCommerce Accelerator program that grows ecommerce startups into high-potential titans - but we don't stop there. With a minimum commitment of 4 hours per week over 3 months, we teach you to consider social impact at every step, so your business is both profitable and meaningful.

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eCommerce North Accelerator

A 3-month program for early- and growth-stage companies in today's world.

Mentor Network

Exclusive access to wildly successful founders, executives and subject matter experts. Meet Our Mentors & Experts

Brand Visibility

You're only as good as your brand. Get it seen in the innovation ecosystem.

Progress Tracking

Get one-on-one coaching from our hand-selected Industry Advisory Council.

Funding Advantage

Get a funding advantage with a big ol’ network of fundraising pros and Capital in Residence.

Elevate Platform

Be part of Elevate’s high-visibility platform. Putting hot new startups in front of big audiences is kind of our thing.

Secret Sauce

Access proven growth methodologies that will help you scale your company, and your scope as a founder.


Be part of a program where boosting female founders and members of underrepresented groups is top of mind.

Team of Experts

Personal access to world-class pros in tech and ecommerce.

Gbemi Akande
Director, Innovation Programs
Vithu Vijayaratnam
Manager, Innovation Programs
Blake Farquharson
Associate Director, Innovation Programs
Tara Longo
CEO Coach & Founder at The Healthy Butcher
Matt McGowan
CEO Coach & GM at Snapchat Canada
Anita Ramdas
CEO Coach & CEO at ShuffleSpace
Jyll Saskin Gales
Growth Marketing in Residence & International Growth Lead at Google
Brian Prentice
Brian Prentice
Corporate in Residence & Chief Risk Officer at Moneris
Razor Suleman
CEO Coach, CEO at Elevate
Nicole Murphy
Growth Marketing in Residence & VP, Growth at Bell Curve
Rokham Fard
Growth Marketing in Residence & Founder and CEO at PsychologyCompass
Kirk Simpson
CEO Coach & CEO at Wave Financial
Angela Brown
Program Champion & President and CEO at Moneris
Emily Rabe
Marketing Strategy in Residence & Director, Marketing and Communications at The Bishop Strachan School
Jad Yaghi
Tech in Residence & CTO at Baselane
Shane George
Sales in Residence & VP Sales at Borderless
Patrick Diab
Corporate in Residence & Chief Product Officer at Moneris


Take a look in the mirror, does this look like you?

On a Mission

Do you have a vision for your business & the world?


Can your company rock it in the digital space?

Collaborative & Coachable

Are you open to feedback & new perspectives?

Demonstrated Traction

Is there proof of customers wanting your product?

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