eCommerce North Innovator Challenge:
a chance for you to win $5,000

eCommerce North Innovator Challenge

We are looking for ecommerce ideas/concepts that provide socially conscious products and/or services, or incorporate sustainability into their value chain.

Participants will learn how to successfully launch/commercialize their ideas/concepts.

Eligibility criteria

Criteria – does this look like you

In order to be eligible for consideration, each team must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Canadian: Does at least one person on your team live in Canada?
  • Commitment: Is at least one person on your team able to commit?
  • Collaborative and coachable: Are you open to feedback and new perspectives?
  • On a mission: Do you have a vision for your business and the world?If you are applying as a team, you must have at least 1 person in the team that can commit to a three week program.

Ideas we love…

  • Ecommerce ideas/concepts selling socially conscious products and/or services, or incorporates sustainability into their value chain.
  • Tech ideas/concepts that facilitates the ease of supply chain, marketing, sales and transactions in marketplace and direct-to-consumer platforms.

What’s in it for you

  • Mentorship/coaching on how to successfully launch/commercialize your idea
  • Access to experienced mentors and coaches in different areas including design thinking, operations, marketing, startup laws, fundraising etc.
  • Access to experienced Ecommerce Founders to learn and gain insights about the startup journey.
  • Access to eCommerce North stakeholders from the Elevate team and Moneris.
  • Community and networking opportunities for peer-to-peer learning.
  • A demo day event in which the winner of the eCommerce North Innovator Challenge will receive $5,000.00.

Key Dates

Put these in your calendar

Start date:
Oct 18, 2021
Semi finals:
Nov 1, 2021
Demo Day:
Nov 8, 2021
3 weeks

Apply now

If you satisfy the criteria and are passionate about revolutionizing e-commerce, apply below

What to expect when you apply:

If you are shortlisted, we will contact you for a short 15 mins interview. Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.